Miscellaneous Downloads

Ocean Sciences 2012 Plenary Talk

A talk entitled "Modeling Marine Microbes; from Molecules to Ecosystems" given at the 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting in Salt Lake City:

powerpoint (embedded movies) 106MB

pdf (no movies) 34MB

Update: Weston lecture, U. Wisonsin at Madison, Feb 2013. Powerpoint (embedded movies) 167MB

Some related thoughts... (MMI meeting, Miami, March 2013) Powerpoint (movies removed) 14MB

Related animations of simulations can be found at this page

CMORE 2012 Modeling workshop: Simple Matlab scripts to explore Resource Competition and mechanisms for maintaining diversity in plankton populations.

Scripts to simulate and explore the relationships between resource supply, populations, and competition of simple, microbes (described by Monod kinetics) in the context of a chemostat (continuous culture). The matlab scripts should provide some simple examples to help get started in modeling and programming, as well as some basic explorations of ecological concepts. Slides outlining the tools and questions here

Matlab scripts

Script 1: One organism, one resource here

Script 2: Two organisms, one resource here

Script 3: Two organisms, two resources here

ODV Cheat Sheet and test data set.

An ODV cheat sheet: Step by step instructions for importing and plotting the example ocean data set below notes here

Data from a section across the Florida Straits in ascii format (space separator). For use with ODV cheat sheet. data here

Combining/merging two spreadsheets in a collection: notes here

Compilation of published ocean iron observations.

Dr. Payal Parekh has compiled the open ocean iron observations available in the published literature to January 2005. The compilation can be downloaded as an Excel file

The data are mapped in Parekh, P., M.J. Follows, and E.A. Boyle (2005) .

We thank the many scientists who obtained and published the original data and we are grateful for NSF support.

Lecture materials.

Some slides from a lecture giving a whirlwind tour of the ocean-atmosphere carbon cycle Ocean Carbon Cycle lecture (March 2011).

Here are some slides from introductory lectures on The Ocean Carbon Cycle and Does Atmospheric Dust Transport Control the Carbon Cycle?.

A short presentation about modeling marine ecosystems with a focus on phytoplankton abundance and community structure.

Here is a brief presentation on aspects of ocean nutrient transports given at the ASLO annual meeting, June 2005

Various Model Output.

OCMIP2 biotic pre-industrial equilibrium spin up from 2.8 degree resolution config of MIT model.

Ecosystem Model: GIF Animations.

Medium Resolution Model: 78 Initialized Functional Types of Phytoplankton. Animated GIFs of the annual cycle of phytoplankton abundance (0-50m) driven by 1.0 degree resolution ECCO-GODAE ocean circulation state estimate ):

Annual cycle, all initialized phytoplankton functional types. (~5MB).

Annual cycle, 16 most abundant phytoplankton functional types (~3.5MB).

Annual cycle, total phytoplankton abundance (~1MB).

Animations of higher resolution models available at this page