Helen Hill

I am a research scientist in the Program for Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate at MIT, working with Professor John Marshall. A particular interest is oceanic deep convection on which subject I have co-authored several papers. The role of oceanic deep convection within the earth's climate system has led to my involvement in the MIT Climate Modeling Initiative .

Currently my focus is on the dynamics of small scale (mesoscale eddy) processes and their implications for larger scale structure and tracer transport. The image above is taken from a typical twentieth of a degree (offline) numerical simulation of the ACC (Antarctic Circumpolar Current) and corresponds to how an initially zonally uniform tracer field becomes redistributed by flow fields I derive from a 12 month series of TOPEX/Poseidon 10 daily sea surface height measurements.

Helen Hill
Department of Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

tel: 617 253 2454
fax: 617 253 4464
e-mail: helen@plume.mit.edu